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Public phase is over!

We have selected the finalists now. Thanks for all competitors and the public jury for deciding the finalists. Now it's up to our prestige jury to decide the winners.

SomePitching 6.0 is now on!

SomePitching is a crowdsourced online competition for new business ideas and early stage startups. Entering the competition is absolutely FREE and extremely EASY!

SomePitching uses internet and crowdsourcing to provide feedback to startups on their product and business ideas. The startups and investors get quantitative statistics and feedback – essential for making smart decisions.

You don’t have to have a company to enter. Just and idea (or ideas) and any kind of material to show for the jury.

How SomePitching works

1. Teams or individuals register to the competition and describe their business idea and add external links to a video, a website and/or a presentation. See rules.
2. During a four week period, anyone (public jury) can register and evaluate the business ideas in different categories.
3. Based on evaluations of the public jury (and sharing) 8 finalists are chosen for a jury round, where our EXCLUSIVE professionals and investors evaluate the ideas.
4. The winner is chosen based on a combined score from public and jury rounds.

One important category is sharing, so competitors who get most new registrations get extra points for the ranking (see rules for more details).

Why to participate

– This is the EASIEST way to get quantitative feedback for your business idea from potentially hundreds of people
– The finalists will also get feedback and may even WIN PRIVATE MENTORING from our prestige professional jury members
– You can enter with any material you already have, ranging from a video or a website or even with a Kickstarter campaign
– You can WIN PRIZES varying from free office to expert coaching to a number of other prizes announce prior to the competition

Important dates

15.10.2014 – Ideas can be submitted and public jury can register to evaluate ideas
10.11.2014 – The last day to send your business idea to the competition
21.11.2014 – The public jury round closes
22.11.2014 – Finalists are announced
24.11.2014 – Deadline for finalists to send their entry with business deck to the jury round
25.11.2014 – Jury round starts
30.11.2014 – Jury round ends
04.12.2014 – Winners are announced

Register now!

Add your idea from here (if you want to participate to the public jury, go to here).

You need to add at least one link to any external material. Description alone is not enough. Check rules on how jury evaluates your idea.

Why to enter

Would you like to get feedback from well known investors and serial entrepreneurs, and you don't even have to travel anywhere? This is your golden opportunity to test your ideas with public and get feedback from professionals.