SomePitching 5.0 is now over!


SomePitching is a crowdsourced online business idea / pitching competition for new business ideas and early stage startups.

For whom

Early-stage startups, teams without a company or individuals with fresh business ideas who are seeking feedback from potential customers and experienced professionals.

Anyone interested in being part of a public jury to evaluate and review new ideas, and help startups to improve their ideas.


All participants get validation, market analysis and advice from hundreds of potential customers and professionals. Top participants will also receive real prizes and publicity.

The public jury participates in a prize raffle based on their contribution.

How does it work

1. Participants prepare a short pitch video and upload it to YouTube, and submit the video link to SomePitching before the competition starts (see rules).

2. SomePitching engages the registered public jury to evaluate the videos using Innopinion.

3. The top ideas are selected to the finals, where a professional Jury will evaluate them.

4. The winners are calculated based on the combined feedback from the public and the professional jury.

Check rules to learn more.

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