A special offer for the finalists

December 19, 2013  |  Share

The nice folks at the Oulu-based co-working space Njetworking Inn are offering some pretty cool discounts for our finalists off their rent. Njetworking Inn is about to open a new – huge – office space downtown Oulu, and are offering the Top 3 startups full year’s rents with -50% discount, and ALL the finalists a 50% discount for 6 months in 2014. If you want to take on the offer, give us a shout and we’ll arrange the setup! Here’s a link to the Njetworking Inn’s site http://njetworking.com/njetworkinn.html


Surprise prize for the best Oulu-based startup

December 18, 2013  |  Share

Another surprise prize, this time for the best Oulu-based startup! The good people over at Nordea in Oulu thought of giving a helping hand to one of the finalists, in the form of a special coaching / advisory session to help sort out the creative financial chaos that so many startups face at some point in time.


Nordea will reward the best Oulu-based startup with a special consultation prize – the chosen startup will receive a half day financial advice from 2-4 hand-picked financial advisers covering company financial governance, funding options (a wide approach), and financial risks including currencies and exchange rates in International business, interest rates, and raw materials.


A surprise prize…

December 17, 2013  |  Share

At some point I recall hinting you that we’re not quite done yet with announcements… So this “surprise” may not be a surprise after all to some, but surely we’ve tried to keep it a secret what this announcement is all about.

We’re happy to announce a partner and a special prize that comes handy to ALL startups at some point of their existence. And that is legal services. The great folks over at Lexia Attorneys wanted to congratulate the finalists and rewarding the winner with very practical legal services. That’s pure awesomeness!


Lexia Attorneys

Legal is not just about avoiding problems – it is also adding value by ensuring business goals are met efficiently. Potential new growth companies also need more than just financial, legal or commercial advice.  Therefore Lexia Attorneys offers its clients a business minded approach and attitude that bring competitive edge.

This is done through the Lexia Growth Program (LGP), which supports potential new growth companies (in Finland). LGP includes different elements that are coordinated by Lexia and provided by us or by our exclusive partner network. Our international business development network includes experienced hands-on expertise in all essential fields when building up the business at the international level.

To the winner of SomePitching we offer a Legal Intelligence package that includes a half day legal consultation supporting the growth and competitiveness of your company. 

About Lexia:

Lexia Attorneys is a Finnish law firm offering high-quality expertise in all areas of domestic and international business law. We are internationally recognized as one of the leading Finnish law firms in the field of Technology & Media, Intellectual Property, Finance and Real Estate & Construction.

Lexia offers a flexible and efficient approach, which is based on solid professional skills, understanding of the clients’ objectives and a strong know-how in various business activities. Our international networks enable effective and reliable execution of assignments worldwide.

We provide uncomplicated services and solutions by offering intelligent legal solutions. Our goal is to generate added value by turning business law into a significant competitive advantage.

SomePitching 5.0 winners and entries

December 17, 2013  |  Share

SomePitching 5.0 is now over – here are the results

Thanks for all the voters and especially the competitors for showcasing you ideas! We got about 1200 ratings and 200+ comments from 250+ voters.



SuprView won the competition, Miri – Time tracking application came second and Zee.do third. Congratulation to the winners!


We also raffled gift cards between the voters. Hanna M won the 150 euro gift card to Amazon, and Peter, Ari, Jurica, Gaurish and Chuo won 30 euro gift cards. Congratulations to them as well!


Here are the entries once more in a random order.

Auction of the wall


Blinis! (finalist)

Change the clothes (Finalist)

Cisti Connexion

EzyInsights (Finalis)

Global Livingroom (Finalis)


Miri (Second)

Shop for 3D printing models

No website or video anymore.

SuprView (Winner!)

Ten critical problems in nuclear engineering research

Vibsolas Gea (Finalist)

Zee.do Brand Games (Third)

One more coaching prize!

December 7, 2013  |  Share

We have one more coaching prize made available for one of the finalists… Lasse Mäkelä from Invesdor is offering one lucky contestant a coaching lunch for a couple of hours. Surely this coaching session covers lots of interesting  topics around funding…

Lasse Mäkelä  Invesdor



Eero Kaikkonen from NextLevel accelerator to the Jury

December 7, 2013  |  Share

We still have one more Jury announcement to make! Check this out!

Eero Kaikkonen NextLevel

Eero Kaikkonen (Finland), Coach at Minero; Entrepreneur,  founder and CEO of Hantro (1992-2007), raised €20M from Venture Capital investors during four years. Hantro was acquired by On2 Technologies (AMEX: ONT) in 2007.  After the merger Eero was CMO at On2 Technologies (2007-09) in Clifton Park, N.Y. Whole On2 was acquired 2010 by Google and old Hantro team is working now as Google R&D team.  CEO of Cascard Oy (wantlet.com) (2009 -2012, Oulu-based consumer marketing service targeting U.S. markets. Startup Coach at Minero since 2012, running the NextLevel startup accelerator. Two patches run (total 12 companies) November 2012-december 2013, third patch starting January 2014.


M&A Director from Mail.ru Group to join the SomePitching Jury!

December 3, 2013  |  Share

Today we have a very special treat for you all! We’re honored to have on board a kind of Jury member we’ve long hoped for, and we’d love to have on board more venturing and M&A professionals like her! We first scouted her in Dublin, at the Web Summit, and now she’s here. Please welcome…

Lital Mail ru_M&A_logo

Lital Kiperman Vaknin (Israel), Business Development Director in Mail.Ru’s M&A team.

Mail.Ru is the biggest Internet company in Russia  with a reach of almost 100M users in the CIS region.  The M&A team, located in Israel, is looking for various  cooperation opportunities with Startups worldwide for business development channel, Investments and M&A, thus – opening a door to the intriguing and highly potential Russian market. Lital is responsible for both deal flow and business channels, scouting interesting startups mainly from Israel and Europe for this purpose. Lital has almost a decade of Business development experience, previously leading ICQ’s business activities in the EMEA region.

A coaching prize!

December 2, 2013  |  Share

The public voting for finalists has ended, and we still have some prizes to announce – and perhaps a Jury member, too!

The last coaching prize – for now – comes from Jouko Ahvenainen, Grow VC Group in London, UK. Jouko is prepared to check out an interesting finalist to give coaching to, over Skype if you don’t happen to be in London or Silicon Valley anytime soon.  So go for it, try to get Jouko’s attention and his private coaching session!

Jouko Head 2013-10 Grow VC Group

Lasse Makela from Invesdor to the Jury

November 28, 2013  |  Share

Lasse Mäkelä from the crowdfunding platform Invesdor joins our Jury!

Lasse Mäkelä     Invesdor

With more than 15 years of experience working in finance, banking and building businesses, Lasse brings solid financial and capital raising experience to Invesdor.

Beginning his career as an investment banker in London (Merrill Lynch), Lasse was involved in various capital raising initiatives, stock exchange listings and company mergers and acquisitions. From Merrill Lynch, Lasse moved on to became a partner in Icecapital Securities (Helsinki) specialising in capital raising and acquisition projects. After eight years in investment banking, Lasse moved to KONE Corporation, where he was responsible for company acquisitions and alliances. Recently Lasse was part of Consti Groups’ management group, with responsibility for acquisitions, finance and business development.

Lasse has a BSc from the Cass Business School (City University, London) and an Executive MBA from Helsinki School of Economics.

Jussi Heinila to the Jury!

November 26, 2013  |  Share

This Jury member has gained significant International experience in Finland, USA, UK and the Netherlands…

Jussi Heinilä Accelerando

Jussi Heinilä (Finland), Accelerando. Jussi has over 25 years experience to share in the challenging world of ICT. Before Accelerando Jussi has helped countless Finnish start-up companies to internationalize in Europe, Asia and the USA. Jussi was in charge of the Finpro Silicon Valley office in California in 2001-2005. During this time, Jussi and his team supported more than 50 U.S. market entry projects. Prior to this, Jussi was a management consultant for five years in the UK and in the Netherlands.

Overall, Jussi is also an angel investor and serial entrepreneur who has co-founded and built up several companies over the last 14 years. In the late 80′s and 90′s Jussi was in several management functions at Nokia, Teamware, and Fujitsu-ICL. LinkedIn Profile, Twitter @jussiheinila

The Public Jury prizes & Your own idea campaigns!

November 25, 2013  |  Share

Giving feedback and evaluating the competing ideas is a great community effort, giving something back, helping other’s out, it’s fun to see great pitches (and the not so great, too), and a number of other reasons why you should participate. But it’s not all that. There’s prizes, too, for voters!

We call voters a “Public Jury”. Anyone can become part of the Jury, and you may get to win some pretty interesting prizes for your effort.

Innopinion and your possibility to run idea and feedback competitions.

Innopinion’s competition platform that we use as the base for SomePitching, has been developed further competition after another, and the current version is again a totally new one. Now you can start running your own idea and feedback competitions if you like! In fact, Innopinion’s idea came from running this competition! We noticed that there was a great number of companies that asked us to run competitions for them, either to collect ideas from potential or existing customers, or companies wanting to test their own ideas with the great public and perhaps a remote Jury of the best kind.

We declined!

SomePitching is a non-profit organisation, we do this for fun, and we sort of “give back to the community”. Back in 2010 we noticed some problems in receiving developing, positive feedback for our own startups, and decided to create a service where anyone could get that feedback. And not just from anyone, but some of the best experts globally! In addition to the potential clientbase, of course. And later we added the actual investors here, too, but only when they promised to give actual feedback and not just another “yes” or “no” to your ideas.

So now Innopinion’s running on its own, doing brilliant campaigns for the likes of the Queen of Sweden, some global bluechips, International charities, local SMEs, public organisations, Universities, etc. The biggest campaign so far (outside of SomePitching…) is the Queen Silvia Nursing Award. So if you work for an organisation that wants to run idea competitions, startup pitching contests, run social innovation campaigns, wants to virtualize the customer feedback channel and turn it into a problem solving and R&D machine, talk to Innopinion!

If you run an accelerator or incubator, get your startups or innovation teams to pitch at SomePitching and help them get feedback like nowhere else! The SomePitching outcome is a market analysis of one kind. And it’s free of charge. Or if you’re an expert or investor, get in touch and we’ll consider you to the Pro Jury. Or if you’d like to run those competitions just for your accelerator, incubator, YCombinator, TechStars or whatnot, again, talk to Innopinion to help you set up a competition of your own.

In 2014 SomePitching will be run as the greatest online pitching / business idea competition in the world, and as a global contest. We’re currently planning to get all those local little incubators, pitching contests and whatnot to join us building something unique. This is now the 5th SomePitching, and the 6th will be when we make it big, we’ve tested all the features and functionalities enough now. Let’s realize this dream together, give us a shout and let’s get You involved!

The Public Jury prizes

So this time we thought of giving the public some non-location based prizes for their contribution.

Best participant

Five 30 € gift cards to Amazon.

Raffled after the competition is over between all registered participants.

Best public voter

150 € gift certificate to Amazon.

Raffled after the competition is over between 15 participants with most credits.

FundedByMe’s Daniel Daboczy to the Jury!

November 25, 2013  |  Share

One of the last Jury members to be announced, comes from Sweden. Welcome Daniel!

Daniel Daboczy FundedByMe

Daniel Daboczy (Sweden), CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe. Daniel Daboczy is a former art curator who honed his craft at the Stockholm Art Museum called Färgfabriken. Prior to launching FundedByMe in 2011, Daniel was the founder of Dabber, a web agency that worked with major brands to implement online solutions for video and communications. Born in 1977 in Transylvania, Romania, Daniel and his family relocated to Sweden in 1989 where he still lives with his wife and daughter. Himself a creative, Daniel is fascinated by startup life, having made it his mission to change lives for those wanting to build their dreams. He is a passionate sailor, father, dreamer and entrepreneur and can often be caught speaking about crowdfunding, meeting with investors and entrepreneurs and hardly ever sitting still.


OneMinStory giving feedback on video production!

November 25, 2013  |  Share

Our good friends at OneMinStory are back again to give professional feedback to the contestants about their pitch and the video production.


OneMinStory in Finnish:

Oneminstory on digitaalisen ajan johtava videotuotantoyhtiö  Se on tunnettu erityisesti animaatiostudionsa korkeasta tasosta ja videokehyksestään, jota käytetään laajasti innovaatiotoiminnassa, yritysten sisäisessä viestinnässä ja sen laadun parantamisessa.


A very special coaching prize and 2 experienced coaches giving the prize

November 25, 2013  |  Share

Today we’re honored to also add a very special coaching prize as well as 2 experienced individuals giving the prize… Mikael Klug, the Founder of Profinet Services, and his colleague Lasr Wittler, will be giving a Skype coaching session as a prize to one of the lucky finalists! The focus will be on entering the German speaking markets, but also plenty of general business development guidance available, I’m sure!


Mikael Klug (Germany), Founder of Profinet Services, and former Director EMEA Marketing and Communications at More Magic Software MMS GmbH, is well connected in the telecommunication industry and has an excellent track record in bringing IT and telecommunication companies to the German speaking market. Among Mikael’s former clients in his past positions have been such finnish technology heavyweights like Nokia, Sonera, HTD (Helsinki Telecom Deutschland), Ericsson Finland, Tellabs, Tecnomen, Comptel as well as small and middle sized companies like Akumiitti, IOBox, Satama Interactive, Necsom and More Magic Software. 2001 he founded Profinet Services to support international startups in business development, sales and marketing.


Mr. Lars Wittler (Germany) has joined Profinet Services GmbH 2009. As our head of sales he is responsible to built up our new sales support strategy for our new customer base targeting international media and mobile software companies. Prior to this he has been working in media and IT business for more than 15 years. His experiences includes media advertising stations at Ziff Davis, Future Publishing and IDG, where he was in key account positions for print and internet economists magazines. In addition he has developed online and mobile marketing markets for some special interest publishers in Germany and worked also as a marketing and sales Director for an it-security software company here in Munich. Today his key accounts are top decision makers in the pharmaceutical area as well as telco-, CE- and IT-companies. So print, online and mobile marketing strategies are his daily business with our clients. Today Lars is also consulting and supporting the set up media and sales launches of new medical health care and pharma media channels.