A surprise prize…

At some point I recall hinting you that we’re not quite done yet with announcements… So this “surprise” may not be a surprise after all to some, but surely we’ve tried to keep it a secret what this announcement is all about.

We’re happy to announce a partner and a special prize that comes handy to ALL startups at some point of their existence. And that is legal services. The great folks over at Lexia Attorneys wanted to congratulate the finalists and rewarding the winner with very practical legal services. That’s pure awesomeness!


Lexia Attorneys

Legal is not just about avoiding problems – it is also adding value by ensuring business goals are met efficiently. Potential new growth companies also need more than just financial, legal or commercial advice.  Therefore Lexia Attorneys offers its clients a business minded approach and attitude that bring competitive edge.

This is done through the Lexia Growth Program (LGP), which supports potential new growth companies (in Finland). LGP includes different elements that are coordinated by Lexia and provided by us or by our exclusive partner network. Our international business development network includes experienced hands-on expertise in all essential fields when building up the business at the international level.

To the winner of SomePitching we offer a Legal Intelligence package that includes a half day legal consultation supporting the growth and competitiveness of your company. 

About Lexia:

Lexia Attorneys is a Finnish law firm offering high-quality expertise in all areas of domestic and international business law. We are internationally recognized as one of the leading Finnish law firms in the field of Technology & Media, Intellectual Property, Finance and Real Estate & Construction.

Lexia offers a flexible and efficient approach, which is based on solid professional skills, understanding of the clients’ objectives and a strong know-how in various business activities. Our international networks enable effective and reliable execution of assignments worldwide.

We provide uncomplicated services and solutions by offering intelligent legal solutions. Our goal is to generate added value by turning business law into a significant competitive advantage.

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