SomePitching 5.0 winners and entries

SomePitching 5.0 is now over – here are the results

Thanks for all the voters and especially the competitors for showcasing you ideas! We got about 1200 ratings and 200+ comments from 250+ voters.



SuprView won the competition, Miri – Time tracking application came second and third. Congratulation to the winners!


We also raffled gift cards between the voters. Hanna M won the 150 euro gift card to Amazon, and Peter, Ari, Jurica, Gaurish and Chuo won 30 euro gift cards. Congratulations to them as well!


Here are the entries once more in a random order.

Auction of the wall


Blinis! (finalist)

Change the clothes (Finalist)

Cisti Connexion

EzyInsights (Finalis)

Global Livingroom (Finalis)


Miri (Second)

Shop for 3D printing models

No website or video anymore.

SuprView (Winner!)

Ten critical problems in nuclear engineering research

Vibsolas Gea (Finalist) Brand Games (Third)

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