Rules for SomePitching 6.0

Rules for SomePitching 6.0

There is no easier way to get feedback and publicity to your business idea. You can enter with your website, pitching video or a slide presentation. And it’s completely FREE!

Material for entering as a competitor

Each team (or individual) should prepare the following material before the competition starts:

1. A short description of the business idea (less than 400 characters) with a name and slogan as a topic (max 100 characters).

2. Your chosen method of explaining your idea! The freeform explanation can be your website, a short …

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A special offer for the finalists

The nice folks at the Oulu-based co-working space Njetworking Inn are offering some pretty cool discounts for our finalists off their rent. Njetworking Inn is about to open a new – huge – office space downtown Oulu, and are offering the Top 3 startups full year’s rents with -50% discount, and ALL the finalists a 50% discount for 6 months in …

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Surprise prize for the best Oulu-based startup

Another surprise prize, this time for the best Oulu-based startup! The good people over at Nordea in Oulu thought of giving a helping hand to one of the finalists, in the form of a special coaching / advisory session to help sort out the creative financial chaos that so many startups face at some point in time.

Nordea¬†will reward the best Oulu-based …

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A surprise prize…

At some point I recall hinting you that we’re not quite done yet with announcements… So this “surprise” may not be a surprise after all to some, but surely we’ve tried to keep it a secret what this announcement is all about.

We’re happy to announce a partner and a special prize that comes handy to ALL startups …

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SomePitching 5.0 winners and entries

SomePitching 5.0 is now over – here are the results

Thanks for all the voters and especially the competitors for showcasing you ideas! We got about 1200 ratings and 200+ comments from 250+ voters.


SuprView won the competition, Miri – Time tracking application came second and third. Congratulation to the winners!


We also raffled gift cards between the voters. Hanna M won the …

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