Get inspired

Previous competitions were full of bright ideas. To give you a better understanding of what is required, we’ve gathered some of the best video pitches from previous SomePitching competitions for you to see. Please note that there will be changes to the rules for SomePitching no. 6, video is no longer required, but can be used to present the idea or parts of it, if you believe it best highlights the brilliance of your idea!

Watch these videos and get inspired!

Your pitch video can be just about anything – a slideset with voiceover, animation, or simply a “talking head” video pitch. There is no need to be a professional video editor. Quality of your idea matters the most!

Some tips and hints!

It is worth mentioning in your pitch:

  • The problem you are solving
  • Who you will help by solving it
  • Why the audience should care
  • How you propose solving the problem (i.e. Your idea!)

Otherwise, there are no boundaries. Use your creativity!