Rules for SomePitching 6.0

Rules for SomePitching 6.0

There is no easier way to get feedback and publicity to your business idea. You can enter with your website, pitching video or a slide presentation. And it’s completely FREE!

Material for entering as a competitor

Each team (or individual) should prepare the following material before the competition starts:

1. A short description of the business idea (less than 400 characters) with a name and slogan as a topic (max 100 characters).

2. Your chosen method of explaining your idea! The freeform explanation can be your website, a short pitching video or an animation (max. 90 seconds), a slideset (max. 5 pages with font size 20+), or any other material (or combination of materials) that is short and clear for anyone to evaluate (check evaluation criteria below).

If you are chosen as one of the finalists, you have six days to prepare a five slide business deck for the jury members.

The material itself should be shared from Dropbox, Youtube or similar services. The link to the material is provided with the topic and description. NOTE! The material is made public, so do NOT share trade secrets.

Submitting the material

Go to the competitor registration page and add your details and links to the material with your email. You will then receive an email to confirm your participation.

How the ideas are rated and evaluated

SomePitching uses the Innopinion platform to manage the idea rating process and the selection of winners based on the ratings from both the public and professional jury.

In the public jury phase, the evaluations are based on the following categories (with percent of the final score):

  • Interest to buy or use the solution (20 %)
  • The importance of the problem the solution solves (20 %)
  • The value the solution brings (20 %)
  • The clarity and quality of the material (20 %)

The last 20 % is counted based on the credits each team member gets for recruiting new registrants to the competition (after you register to Innopinion add your team/startup name to the profile and then use “share” feature to get new people). Request people to add your team/startup name to their profiles and invite more people. All sharing credits from people who have your startup name in their profile are counted together.

The finalists are additionally evaluated by the professional jury in the following categories:

  • The business potential (25 %)
  • The execution plan (25 %)
  • The quality of the team (25 %)
  • Fundability of the team/idea (25 %)

The winner is the idea which has the best combined score from both public and jury phases, where public phase is 25 % of the score and the pro jury phase 75 %.

Schedule and deadlines

The competition starts October 15th and lasts for until early December, 2014. The Jury will rate the ideas based on the above mentioned criteria during the last week of competition.

Important dates

15.10.2014 – Pitch submission and evaluation starts

10.11.2014 – Last day to send the pitch link

21.11.2014 – Public jury voting ends

22.11.2014 – Slideset submission by finalists starts

24.11.2014 – Last day to submit a slideset

25.11.2014 – Professional jury evaluation starts

02.12.2014 – Professional jury voting ends

early December – Winners will be announced

Registration, costs and benefits

The participants

Registration is FREE of charge. All the materials are screened by the public jury in the first level. Any unfit material may be deleted and the participant can be banned from the competition for failing to follow the Rules.

The public jury

Registering and voting is free. The more ideas a voter rates, the more likely he/she is to win personal prizes.

The professional jury 

The jury is formed by the competition organizers and will evaluate the best ideas that pass the public voting levels and enter the finals.

The Jury consists of well-known business professionals from various industries and locations across the globe. The names and other information about the jury members will be made available at the competition website. The jury usually partly changes from competition to competition. Jury evaluations and feedback are presented anonymous at the final reports.

Criteria and Prizes

The winners are chosen from the ideas that pass all rating levels (see the categories above) and enter the finals. The ranking will be determined based on the combined ratings from all the categories.

Responsibilities and rights

All Pitches are made public and may be distributed online without restrictions.

All other materials are only available for the competition organizers, except the slideset that may be made available for the investors, the jury and sponsors. Only Jury accesses the slideset by default, for other occasions the organizer considers case by case the relevancy of providing the material to investors or sponsors and contacts the innovator prior to submitting any materials in such cases.

The organizers may exclude any team from the competition due to invalid or irrelevant material, or any other reason that the organizers consider being against competition rules or good business manners and ethics. Any breaking of competition rules ends up with being shut out of the competition immediately.

All public materials (the pitches) may be used by the competition organizers to showcase and promote the competition unless specifically agreed upon in writing something else.

Other items

As the pitches will be made public and will be promoted heavily at social media, the organizers urge all contestants to protect their ideas with relevant immaterial rights, and to keep in mind not to give out any information that may harm one’s business in any way. The competition organizers expect all participants to understand the rights that they have related to the idea they are pitching for. Additionally, the organizers expect the contestant to only pitch an idea that is of their own thinking or that they have full rights to publish. Remember not to give out too many technical details if not absolutely necessary – most ideas can be well presented without giving out too detailed information.

The pitching itself does not require explaining the technical details or processes or revealing of trade secrets.

Should an investor and a contestant wish to negotiate funding between themselves, the event organizers are in no way involved in the process of doing so. We are glad to promote the ideas and see positive investment decisions take place as a result of the competition, but we don’t take any part in such negotiations or promote particular companies or investors towards each other as such.

Register from here

You need to add at least one link to any external material. Description alone is not enough. Check rules on how jury evaluates your idea.

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